Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catching up... AGAIN

After a weekend off last week, we went scrapping again today. We went to a new place and had a lot of fun. Old friends - good times. :-) I was ill-prepared, but I still got two pages done and three well underway. Yay, me!

After the crop I came home and watched Bolt with Johanna. We cuddled up on the couch with the cat and relaxed. I love those quiet moments with her.

Speaking of Johanna, she started Karate this past week. She did SO WELL! I was really proud of her! My little warrior got her gear and is all set to kick some booty. LOL Here is one of the stances she's been practicing.

Last week I signed-up for Facebook. I was reluctant, but Tim talked me into it. He said it was a great way to connect with people from high school. Oh, my gosh... it is AMAZING. In two days I had made contact 30 friends. Some of them I was really, really close with. It has been incredible seeing them now and finding out about their lives since I last saw them. Most of them haven't changed a bit. It's stirred up memories that had a thick layer of cobwebs on them. ;-) Trouble is... it can be very addicting... must step away from the computer. lol

Anyway, I need to unpack my scrap crap and get to bed before Tim starts banging on the floor. lol Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Finally, I'm back on-line! Tim hooked-up my scanner yesterday. It took awhile to catch up, but I think I got everything.

Caitlin is in a play. I guess she has a pretty big part, too. She is being very secretive about it; she wants to surprise us. I'm dying to get to a practice to take pictures, though. The play isn't until May, so I'll have to work on wearing her down. :-)

This past weekend, I didn't have any recent pictures to scrap so I went back and found some old ones that I had never done. Below is a page about Johanna's first tooth coming out. The "teeth" that are the title, are flat stickers that I put on pop dots and covered with a heavy layer of diamond glaze. I wasn't sure about them when I bought them, but I'm so happy with how it turned out. The actual tooth is in a shadow box. I made the shadow box from scratch by drawing the tooth and cutting it out. I'm really happy with that, too. (Thanks for the idea, Lori!!)

Speaking of Lori... (sorry, my friend, but I can't resist)... I had a wonderful UNbirthday party last week!! My BFF showered me with lovely gifts and a fresh fruit bouquet. Imagine my surprise... since my birthday isn't for another month! LOL We've had some great laughs over that one! Such a great memory, in fact, that I HAD to scrap it. No doubt this is a birthday I'll never forget... and I won't let her forget it either. LOL! Here is the evidence.

Well, I've been dieting for about a month. I went to the doctor's office to weigh-in today. The good news is, I've lost a grand total of 16 lbs.! Yeah!! I'm SO excited. A long, long, LONG way to go, but I'm really happy with the start. I'll keep you posted.

Today we're enjoying warm weather. Feels like spring, but they tell us another cold front is coming soon. Yuck!

Tomorrow night is Johanna's spring program. I'll have pics from that on Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day At The Races

On Saturday, Tim took Caitlin to the motocross races in Indy. Actually, it was Caitlin who contacted one of Tim's old friends and got the tickets for everyone. Tim & Caitlin even got press box seats. The second photo, below, is Caitlin in the press box. Oh, and this took place in the new dome stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. Tim said the place was awesome. The other picture is of Caitlin with her friends. Funny story about the guy withOUT the hat or sunglasses on his head. His name is Drew. He is an Abercrombie model and was featured on an episode of America's Next Top Model. He wants to go out with her, but she just wants to stay friends. I wish I had her problems at 17! lol

The other day, Johanna and I went shopping for a dress and some "clicky shoes." She's never really worn dresses much and was so excited to be shopping for girly clothes. So, I decked her out in the dress, new panty hose, new shoes, and a sweater. She looked SO CUTE!

She has a show they're doing at school in a few weeks that she can wear it to and I think it will also serve as her Easter dress.

Not much else going on. I keep applying for jobs... and I keep getting letters saying they'll keep my resume on file. Watching the news these days, it gets a little scary to think how long it might take. Okay, a LOT scary.

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Electronic Issues - Good News & Bad News

It's always something. Last week, Tim's computer died. I mean, it fried. It was old and he had been band-aid'ing it for a looooong time. Thankfully, he had everything backed-up on a separate hard drive (yeah!!). He went and bought a brand new computer - rather than the refurbs he usually gets. Only problem is... most of the new computers are coming with MS Vista OS. Many programs that we've been using for years are not compatible with the Vista OS. This includes the software that came with our scanner. I guess the good news for me is that the large-scale scanner is now on my desk. Bad news is... it takes up a LOT of room. We'll figure it all out, though.

Johanna had a sleep-over this weekend and they had a GREAT time! We went to see Coraline 3D. I can't believe I am almost 47 years old and I had never seen a 3D movie. It was really cute! The girls had a blast. I think we're going to have a sleep-over again in a couple of weeks when Tim & Caitlin are out of town. At one point I heard Payton say, "Johanna, I love your mom. Er, I REALLY like her." LOL THAT is what it's all about.

Miss C is doing a lot of volunteer work with a local group that supports people who have had severe brain injuries. I am so proud of her for that. Now she is getting me involved, which is very cool, too. They make a lot of cards. The center wants me to come and give them some help with what they can do more/differently. I'm looking forward to getting involved with that.

Valentine's Day was nice. The girls each got a gift, as did I. I got Tim something I thought was really cool. I found these four stalks of bamboo that were shaped into two hearts. This particular bamboo is supposed to be "lucky bamboo." Tim had a few bad days right before Valentine's Day, so I figured it was the perfect gift to turn his luck around. :-) Here is a picture of it.

Isn't that COOL?

Until my scanner is fixed, that's about all I have to share. Hopefully, Tim will have me all hooked-up tomorrow night. Take care and thanks for visiting!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last weekend, Tim and Caitlin went to a motorcycle trade show. Miss C has always been a daddy's girl, so it's no surprise that she shares his passion for the sport. What was particularly funny, though, was that she was mistaken (repeatedly) for a pin-up model. She was in a booth of Tim's friend. They had this poster with a scantily clad model (as usual). Caitlin was wearing an "Exhibitor's" badge, so many of the men stopping by the booth thought the girl was Caitlin! They even asked her to sign their posters... which she did! LOL!! Here is a picture of Caitlin looking at someone's badge so that she could personalize her autograph. OY!!

How HILARIOUS is that!? Guess what I'll be scrapping next?? :-)

This weekend they'll be at it again. They're going to a show in Indy. Next, they're going to a race in Indy at the end of the month. Don't they know they are SERIOUSLY cramping my scrappy schedule? LOL Just kidding! (Sort of.)

That's about all for now, I guess. Johanna is having a sleep-over on Sunday/Monday because of the holiday. I'll be taking her and her friend scrapping, which should be loads of fun! Then, Monday, we will go to the movies again. This time, I'm toting the camera!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Blahs

Clearly I have some catching up to do. I think the brutal cold, snow and ice are taking their toll on me. We've been stuck at home so much that there's really not much to tell either.

Today, it almost felt like spring around here. I opened the curtains and blinds in our bedroom, opened the window a bit, and cleaned my arse off in there. I even guilted Tim into helping me. ;-) It had become a bit of a dumping ground for things without a "home," and today we reclaimed our space. I threw out a LOT of stuff. I vaccumed the heck out of everything that didn't get out of my way. I almost forgot how huge that room is!

I've started a home improvement project - the guest (girl's) bathroom. The wallpaper has been peeled off and the new paint has been purchased. Oh, and Tim rescued a light fixture that actually might work in there. I'm really excited about getting it done. We've got some big framed mirrors around the house, so we're going to replace the early 80's sheet of mirror with a nice, decorative one. I'm usually very good at finishing a project I start around the house. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty obsessive about it. One thing was stopping me, though. I **HATE** the vanity and floor in there. I want to switch both out but have NO IDEA how much that will cost. So, tomorrow morning I am going up to Home Depot to pick out what I like and find out what it would cost to have it installed. If it's reasonable enough, I'll see if I can get Tim on board. We'll see.

I made a layout with the picture I posted below. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but I'm not happy with how it scanned. The page is so bumpy and bulky, a lot of it is blurry. Here it is anyway...

The company that maintains our property really screwed up with the snow removal. We have about a 4' pile of ice and snow in front of our house. They literally piled all that on top of our boxwoods. I'm sure at least six of them are toast. Now we're going to have to submit an invoice to the Board of Managers and see if we can get reimbursement to replace them in the spring. Yeah, right. Wish us luck with that one. Here's the pile where our boxwoods are buried.

And here is a picture of Johanna on top of the pile.

Needless to say, Tim is NOT a happy camper! Who can blame him?

Well, I've got to get up early in the morning, so I'd better wrap up for now. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to be better and keeping my posts current.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here! It's half-time now. I'm sad that the black and gold are winning, though. Still hanging my hopes on the red and white.

Anyway, I'm going to quickly post a few more pictures from yesterday because, well, Johanna was just so stinkin' cute!!

The trees were truly beautiful. Thank goodness we didn't lose our power, though.

And here is the ice on our holly bush.
I'd better get back to the game. I'll have some layouts to post tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!